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VoipAlbano offers an enterprise-grade telephony service offered as a Cloud Service to be accessible for all while terminating your calls to telecoms around the continents.

Contact Centers

Reach your customers wherever they are. Provide a multichannel experience with us as Provider for a Crystal-Clear HD Voice quality around the GLOBE.

Voip Albano is the easy connection to the world for your business VoIP services.

Why choose us?

Because of our considerable traffic in wholesale minutes, we have the best international rates on the market, and therefore you will be able to get the best rates too and save on every destination you call.

VoipAlbano provides VoIP Termination through regular PSTN interconnections with many different world’s leading telecommunication carriers. While we provide a highly intelligent routing for each incoming call each of them will be terminated to the highest-quality route closest to the caller. What you get is the cheapest rates available for the really working routes!

Geographically distributed

High CPS (Calls Per Second)

Seconds-based call billing

24/7 support

We let you do the business

With us you don’t have to get in a mess of contracts for each and every country you need to call. VOIPAlbano will be your one point of contact with a single SIP connection for all your telephony needs. Talking with our services has never been so easy so you can focus on the business you do best.
We ask you to try us and be our next happy customer.



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