Reseller Business

Are you looking to build a business with relatively zero to low startup costs?
Do you want sustainable returns over the long-term?

Reselling our service could be your ticket.

  • Deliver carrier-class voice to your customers with our white label solutions
  • Supply aggregated minutes to all Telephony Networks to your customers.
  • Interconnect to all operators immediately, without expensive floor charges
  • Benefit from VoipALBANO’s scale and future capacity
  • Access CDRs and make them available to customers to verify billing
  • Consolidate suppliers and reduce management overhead
  • Benefit from using a wide range of software/hardware that is interoperable with VoipALBANO’s platform

Product overview

Wholesale Voice from VoipALBANO is a scalable, carrier-grade voice offering, allowing you as a reseller to terminate voice minutes on behalf of your customers.
VoipALBANO’s next generation network and interconnect agreements with major operators empower your business to offer complete telco functionality and superb quality voice termination.

How Profitable Is Reselling Wholesale VOIP?

It’s impossible to put an exact figure on the profitability of being a reseller. We make it easy to get started as an independent reseller. Our platform makes it easy for you to setup and manage customers of all sizes. Our technology is reliable, our support is extensive, and our commissions are generous.

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